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Only 1,000 will ever exist…

The Golden Swan

Your ticket to win negotiations like Chris Voss and access some of the business world’s most influential entrepreneurs
Brought to you by:
The Black Swan Group  |  Genius Network  |  Gray Wolf Labs  |  Laura Catella

Your Ticket To Power


The Golden Swan is a limited membership that’ll unlock your unprecedented access to Chris Voss & other hard-to-access industry leaders.

You’ll also gain access to Chris’s most powerful negotiation & business development IP, once reserved only for those who invested $100,000.00+

If you’d like a refresher on why you want to learn from Chris directly, watch this video:

What Your Golden Swan Will Get You:

By joining the Golden Swan Alliance, you access:

  • Tickets to The Golden Swan Live: an intimate in-person event with Chris and other hard-to-access industry leaders
  • Chris’s most powerful business development training to date (others happily invested $100,000 to discover this)
  • Elite IP and access typically reserved for the entrepreneurial elite
  • Access to the Golden Swan Alliance where you will meet Chris and other global leaders intimately at both in-person and virtual events
  • An invitation to at least 3 in-person event with Chris Voss over the coming year, including a private screening of the new documentary, implementation workshops, and private group dinners
  • Genius Network Annual Event Ticket, Select streaming, virtual access, speakers include James Nestor, Mary Morrissey, Steven Kotler, Joe Polish, Dr. Anna Lembke, and more ($10,000 value) (December 1-3 2023)
  • ELF Business Coaching; Three months of personalized coaching on how to build an ELF (easy, lucrative, and fun) business ($1,347 value)
  • One year of Diamond Day Experience tickets (the premier personal development event for entrepreneurs) ($12,000 value)
  • Two Gray Wolf Summit Event tickets (connect with industry leaders and change-makers in Web3 and business) ($10,000 value)
  • A complete copy, messaging, and brand audit from renown copywriter and strategist Laura Catella ($15,000 value)
  • Complimentary Ticket to the Next Copy Accelerator PRO Mastermind with Stefan Georgi ($4,999 Value). A community comprising some of the best direct response marketers in the world. With a heavy emphasis on leveraging AI, these in-person masterminds are where you’ll join a select handful of the world’s best marketers and D2C business owners as they share the cutting-edge strategies and tactics they’re using right now to scale their businesses and brands. 
  • Private Golden Swan Only Members Area and Workbooks

First event: 2023, TBA

How To Get Your Golden Swan Seat:

There are only 1,000 Golden Swan seats. Once they are filled, the only way in would be to buy access from someone else. You can mint yourGolden Swan Ticket with USDC on the Ethereum Network or purchase access with a credit or debit card.

The Team Behind The Golden Swan:

The Black Swan Group:

Author of Never Split The Difference, one of the best-selling business books of all time, Chris Voss and the Black Swan Group revolutionize the world of negotiation. As the FBI’s lead hostage negotiator, Chris’s pioneering strategies were so effective that once he left the FBI, the world’s most elite institutions, including Fortune 500 companies and Harvard University, tapped him to share his secrets. His Tactical Empathy techniques dismantle the high-pressure negotiation methods of days gone by, and there is no one better in the world at teaching effective negotiation than Chris Voss and his team at the Black Swan Group.

Genius Network:

Genius Network is a community of the world’s best entrepreneurs, curated and led by Joe Polish. Chris Voss is an active member and contributor to Genius Network’s 100K Group, which is a private syndicate of industry leaders who invest $100,000.00 per year for membership. The Golden Swan was originally conceived at a Genius Network 100K event.

Gray Wolf Labs:

Nic Peterson and his team at Gray Wolf Labs bring human-driven projects, companies, and organizations into Web3. Nic is also a member of Genius Network, and Gray Wolf Labs is designing the Web3 Experience for The Golden Swan.

Laura Catella:

See this page? I wrote it.

I’m a poet, a copywriter, and above all I help unleash greatness in others. I’m the Genius Network member tapped to deliver the message of the Golden Swan to you.

Stefan Georgi:

Stefan Georgi is widely considered to be one of the best direct response copywriters in the world. His words have grossed billions of dollars for his clients and his own companies, and his marketing strategies have helped D2C companies like Tommy Chong CBD and VShred to become globally recognized brands. 


How To Get Your Golden Swan:

There are only 1,000 Golden Swan seats. Once they are filled, the only way in would be to buy access from someone else. You can mint yourGolden Swan Ticket with USDC on the Ethereum Network or purchase access with a credit or debit card.