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Golden Swan


We’re excited to partner with Moonpay Concierge to make the Golden Swan NFT more accessible to collectors who are more comfortable paying in USD. The Moonpay Concierge will confirm that you are a real person, purchase the NFT on your behalf and send it to your wallet in two easy steps:

Step 1: Set Up A Web3 Wallet

If you already have a Web3 wallet, you can skip this step. 

MetaMask is the most common wallet, it’s a Chrome plug-in and a mobile app. You can learn how to set up a MetaMask wallet here.

Coinbase Wallet is also available as a Chrome plug-in and mobile app. 

You will need your new wallet address for the concierge to send your Golden Swan. 

Step 2: Fill Out The Concierge Form

Fill out the form below. It will be sent to a concierge representative, and they will reach out to you directly.

For a description of the purchase enter: Golden Swan NFT Purchase 

Legal Name *
Email address *
Wallet Address *
Home Address *
Description of Purchase *