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Golden Swan


You are now part of the Exclusive Golden Swan Alliance

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Fill Out This Onboarding Form so that you get the best Golden Swan experience possible. Don’t worry, you can also find it in your members area.
  2. Access your members area immediately here. please allow twenty-four hours approval. You will also get an email in the next few minutes with all of this information (check the promotions tab if you don’t see it). Once you’re in the members area you will have access to everything, including the steps to claim your Golden Swan NFT.
  3. Dive into the exclusive Golden Swan Training, workbooks and bonuses. 
Speaking of bonuses…
Your information has been passed onto our Golden Swan collaborators. There are also steps to actively claim each one inside the Golden Swan members area.
We look forward to hearing what you do with it and seeing you at an exclusive VIP event.

~ Golden Swan Team

PS. If you have any issues accessing anything please email or text Nic Peterson of Gray Wolf Labs directly. Golden Swan buyers have VIP access for troubleshooting and support:
C: 772-539-1162